About Johnny Stork

Dabbles in psychology, philosophy, Eastern spirituality as well as various meditation and shamanistic practices. Has also worked or consulted in the fields of youth-care, statistics, research, databases, Linux, open-source and educational technology. Currently hangs out in Gibson's Landing BC while attending Alef Trust (Middlesex University) as a graduate student in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, with a focus on mindfulness/meditation and shamanistic psychology. Aspiring writer and photographer with a deep-seated and life-long interest in many forms of spirituality, meditation, Buddhism, comparative religion, philosophy and consciousness. When not reading, studying, writing or listening to music, likes to spend time hiking, 4x4ing and kayaking the Sunshine Coast hoping to find the Goddess of his dreams. Among other things, believes that our seemingly obvious and self-evident experience of separateness or individuality is a pervasive form of collective human psychosis and mass delusion. Our perceived separateness from others, is an illusion and the basis of many of man’s individual and collective problems. The single most important message from most of the world’s spiritual, philosophical and even scientific traditions is one of UNITY. We are all truly a global and Universal community of One and need to think, act, communicate and collaborate with our fellow humans with this as our guiding principle. Tat Tvam Asi – We are It, Thou Art That